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I'm Krzysztof Wrona and I am a

Hi! My name is Krzysztof Wrona. I have been working as .NET developer and for five years. Recently I have started working as a VR Developer. I have worked with Unity, .NET Core, ASP.NET, Xamarin and various web frontend technologies, like Angular and Vue.js.
In my free time I am working on VR projects, mostly aimed at Oculus Quest platform.
I have published a VR game called "Throwing Punches" On Oculus Quest App Lab

Apart from programming, my main interests are science, computer games, books, biking, astronomy, politics, anime, manga, and wasting time watching memes and youtube videos.

  • 16.03.1995
  • 26
  • Cracow, Poland
  • Science, Programming, Games
  • AGH
  • Master of Science

My skills

I specialize in .NET Development. I have worked a lot with both mobile and web solutions, while also working on the backend part of the projects, both in legacy ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core. I also have experience with developing VR games using Unity engine.

.NET - 5 years of experience
C# - 5 years of experience
Unity VR Development - 2.5 years of experience
Angular - 1 year of experience
Vue.js - 1 year of experience
Xamarin - 1.5 year of experience


Some of my personal side projects.

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